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Tony Santiago, Coach / Owner / Broker

Tony's - philosophy, leadership, background and history.

​Graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Science (Biology), strong education in Philosophy, Psychology and Theology.​

Came from Puerto Rico in 1991, and has been living in Atlanta since 1993. Before getting his real estate license in 2001, Tony worked as a coach for Sam's Club (1992-2001) where he learned a great deal about Mr. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart.​ Tony got captivated by Sam Walton's philosophy, his concept of "servant leader" and his passion for the associates (employees). ​ 

Tony has embraced that same philosophy and has applied it to his real estate brokerage using his own background and history. 

Other companies that have inspired Tony: Costco, Southwest Airline, Amazon and Apple Inc. To that end he has developed a very innovative business model that focus exclusively on the success of every agent, one agent at a time, breaking away from the traditional real estate affiliation system.

the story that changed my real estate career for ever

"Tony, I am doing business with YOU and not...

Back in December 2002 I was affiliated with a  well recognized real estate company, Harry Norman Realtors®.  As I was finishing the listing presentation and about to get the seller’s signature. I thought about the decision I was about to make, of changing brokerage.  I felt I had to be honest with the seller. I thought, letting him know about my possible move, was the right thing to do. ​So, I asked the seller before getting his signature what he would like to do if I leave Harry Norman and join another company? Do you want the company (Harry Norman Realtors®) to assign another agent to represent your listing? His answer rather astonished me. He said, looking straight at my eyes: “Tony, I am doing business with you and not with Harry Norman”.   At that very moment I realized that real estate business was about me and not about the company. A few days later, I changed the yard sign in front of his house with the “no-name realty” since I decided to join them. And guess what? The house was sold within 30 days. Right there I learned buyers did not care about the listing company either.


It really is amazing!

You know what I love about my life and business? I get to get up every day to do something I love. I get to inspire people to do things that inspire them. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. It really is amazing. 

MY CALL: "Servite Agente In Laetitia! - Serve the agent with gladness!"