I define self-coaching as the process of guiding our own growth and development, particularly through periods of transition. 

How helpful would it be to cultivate an inner coach that allowed some of those conversations we already have with ourselves to have more of a coaching flavor?


Self-Coaching is not easy. It will require patience and practice and you need to keep the motivation and momentum going. Setbacks will be inevitable but view them as learning rather than failures. Map everything down on a piece of paper so that you can clearly see past disarrayed pieces of information and thoughts and get some clarity on what you actually want to achieve. 

In other words, you learn to get out of your own way and become your very own go-to person! Moreover, you eventually do need to figure out some things on your own, anyway. Self-coaching intends to help you with exactly that. Self-Coaching is a self-directed activity which enables you to move forward and embrace your next challenge readily and excitedly without incurring huge costs. Applying self-coaching principles is the most viable solution to overcoming personal & professional challenges.

My version of self-coaching is thus built upon raising self-awareness in four key areas: Focus, Action, Commitment and Trust. (FACT)

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